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Suzanis hand embroidered cultural histories

30 Meeting suzanis, hand loomed and embroidered works of art, carefully curated by our textile experts...

30 Meeting suzanis, hand loomed and embroidered works of art, carefully curated by our textile experts...

30 Meeting is an online marketplace for textiles collected from Central Asia, East Asia and exotic locations around the world. With a love of history, interior design, world cultures and the womanly arts, owner Deborah Maybank seeks out textiles that tell a story with ancient design motifs and cultural significance. 30 Meeting celebrates the creators of these textiles, pieces that were lived with, loved and often sold to support families. They are now repurposed to be enjoyed once again. Enjoy browsing and feel free to send us an email with questions about how you might use them. There are no limits to how you can use them in your interiors!


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Katie Leede top Manhattan designer uses suzanis in wonderfully creative ways! Read below!

Katie Leede, at, has a brand new website and it showcases her amazing talent and creativity at its best. Below I have chosen her use of a Samarkand suzani as both headboard covering and then using the borders from the suzani she cut to make the headboard, she appliqués them to the bedroom curtains...lovely use of a fabulous hand embroidered textile! I recommend you go to her website to see more of her work! 



March 26, 2017 by deborah maybank

Clemson University Tailgaters and Fans

Clemson University Tailgating fans! Show your pride with this amazing genuine Harris Tweed lap blanket, scarf and dog lead all in the classic Clemson colors of purple and orange! Take a look and do find us on Facebook at 30 Meeting, let us know if this is something you need more information about and pricing. Cheers and congratulations Clemson and Dabo for always being such Winners!
March 21, 2017 by deborah maybank

Beautiful handmade Uzbek pillows on sale at Beau Studio ADAC Atlanta!




March 21, 2017 by deborah maybank